Since one can only be as productive as the tools he/she uses, we can offer you a wide variety of desktops, laptops & tablets for every budget. We even custom design PCs based on your requirements for gaming or graphic / video editing needs.



With businesses relying more and more on technology for succeeding, we at NetSource Technology don’t take the task of centralizing your data with the use of a server lightly, with security and productivity in mind, our servers are carefully selected in order to minimize downtime via the use of various RAID, redundancy, failover, virtual & cloud technologies while taking in consideration affordability.

As part of our initial network assessment, you can rest assured that no key component will be overseen. Why gamble when it comes to the smooth operation of your business when there’s a lot at stake? Our reliable battery surge protection units & backup systems will insure coverage against the unexpected.

key for success.

Network Components

During this new era where communication & social media is of essence, a network that is up to par is key forNetwork success. Let us do what we do best and maintain your network’s performance or deploy new components that will allow your to remotely access data with a few clicks via the use of our simplified complex VPN solutions so that you can focus on your business and your area of expertise.

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Key to success

Being Cost Effective

A solid foundation is key to success when it comes to almost any aspect of life. Taking preventive methods are usually a lot more cost effective then having to deal with failure and down time that could have easily been avoided.

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