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Strong business requires a strong IT foundation

We provide guidance for improved efficiency, organization & profitability through unbiased consultation and research


IT Services

Founded in 2007, NetSource Technology is an Montreal’s IT Solutions provider with a personalized approach towards its Small to Mid Size Customers with key objective of providing guidance for improved efficiency, organization & profitability through unbiased consultation & research.

We provide guidance for improved efficiency, organization & profitability through unbiased consultation and research

IT services have to be simple and user-friendly. We won’t make it any harder than it has to be. We’ll get it right the first time.

Our objective is to simplify the information technology world & offer cost effective solutions to our customers so that they can focus on their businesses and what they do best.

We ask difficult questions to prevent small challenges from becoming big problems. Each small victory puts you one detail closer to success!

Some of our products & services consist of maintaining / repairing current hardware, software deployment, training, technical support, network administration & data recovery.

Priority Response

We know how critical response time can be when your business is at a halt due to failure and how costly downtime can be, we typically return calls in minutes but guarantee it within the hour.

Pro-Active Support & Regular Maintenance

We believe firmly that maintaining your IT with scheduled onsite visits, pro-active hardware replacements, software updates and patch management will help prevent the vast majority of issues before they occur, eliminating and reducing unexpected costly downtime.

Threat Protection

In this day and age, we must stay vigilant and plan ahead of time in order to prevent data breaches and ransomware no matter how sophisticated they are, we use the industries’ cutting edge security solutions (anti-virus, anti-spam and firewall appliances) to protect what matters most and regularly monitor / maintain them for optimal results. We, at NSIT, take the security of your network vert seriously so that you can have peace of mind.

24-Hour Monitoring

We’re available 24/7 to provide remote assistance and maintenance, you can rest assured your business it always protected with NSIT.

Backup Solutions

Knowing how important your data is to the viability of your business, we implement local and cloud backup solutions and periodically test them so that recovery in case of disaster is smooth and guaranteed.

Remote & Home Office Solutions

As we adapt to new work conditions due to outbreaks such as Covid-19, extending connectivity for remote & home office solutions becomes a must. Knowing how stressful these unforeseen work conditions can be, we simplify implementing the technology behind what is required to work safely & efficiently from remote locations.

Website & E-Mail Hosting

In a fast pace society and everchanging business conditions, one cannot deny the importance of being properly represented on the web and the means of digital communication. We offer reliable, secure, fast and seamless hosting solutions for your website & email assuring a smooth transition to our state of the art servers.

” Our business is about technology, yes. But it’s also about operations and customer relationships.”

Michael Dell
CEO of Dell Technologies
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Custom IT services and solutions built specifically for your business

Managed IT services

We maintain and the monitor your computers, servers, and users to keep them up and running.

Security & Backup

We take the necessary steps to protect your business from malware, hackers, viruses and the most commonly security.

Software deployment

We take care of all the steps, processes, and activities that are required to make a software system or update available to you and your employees.

technical support

We provide technical assistance and support for both hardware and software to ensure your business can maintain a high level of productivity.

SEO For Your Existing Website

We develop a short-term and long-term search engine optimization strategies starting with optimization of your current web site and track the results. We then build a long-term SEO strategy collaborating with you about your business field’s particular trends, your seasonal offerings and promotions.

Geotargeting For Local Markets

At a basic level, we focus to reach consumers located in a defined geographic area such as a state/province or a city. But location often provides much deeper, more meaningful and identifiable traits that tell you what a person wants, needs or is interested in.

Social Media Marketing

We help you reach your established as well as potential client base on the popular social media platforms and follow the raising trends to adopt the latest emerging platforms. An effective social strategy can help you grow your business, maintain your social presence and engage with the audience.

Effective Website Design

You have 10 seconds to leave an impression and tell your audience what they’ll get out of your website and company.. Users appreciate quality and credibility. That is why the content is at least as important at the website design which supports it.

Digital Marketing is the engine that drives today’s business, big or small.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not only the fastest growing method in reaching your potential clientele, but it also enables consumers to have access to information at any time and any place on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers and more.

Effective digital marketing is the marketing that bridges electronic technology with psychology in the marketplace.

The success of the packages we can offer for digital marketing is essentially based on one fundamental step: Accurate assessment of the client..

The methodology we have structured is solely based on logical analysis of successful digital marketing campaigns and applied SEO experiences we’ve accumulated through out the years.

There are no short cuts or cheats in digital marketing strategies, as competitive as the market is, conventional print media and TV/Radio advertisement ROI ratio is getting weaker as the alternatives increase and the content of such “customer acquirement” channels are becoming redundant. Present time represents the brightest opportunity for businesses to have an open mind and position themselves well in on-line environment.

Why do you need digital marketing ?

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of the population shopping online

Sales Generation & Brand Initiatives


Our lives are so infused with digital media that all potential clients have access to all information at any time and any place they desire. Digital media has become the primary source of entertainment, news, shopping and social interaction.

Today’s consumers are not satisfied with just what your company says about your products, services and/or brand,  they also want to know what the media, their friends, relatives, peers, are saying as well. People want to do business with the brands they recognize, trust and communicate in a personalized level.

Our goal is to familiarize the potential on-line clients with your brand, as well as position your products and services as the preferred on-line choices.

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With a combined total of more than 60 years of field experience, our team members possess extensive knowledge of Information Technologies, Digital Marketing and Digital Brand Initiatives as well as specific knowledge of the industries we serve.

Cross Functional Team

We have a team of experts providing functional expertise, working towards a common goal. From hardware to networking, digital marketing to search engine optimization, social media to graphics, we offer our clients the unique skills and experiences of our team members.


We know how critical response time can be when your business is at a halt due to failure and how costly downtime can be, we typically return calls in minutes but guarantee it within the hour.

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